Located in the Heart of Basavanagudi, SLV Corner is a Go-To Place Since Years

slv corner

There are a few localities in Bengaluru which have become the part of the city’s culture and heritage from ages. They are so inherent that in its every lane, you will experience the gray fragrance of the city’s legacy. They are here for generations as a witness to all the dusk and dawn of the city’s development and breakdown. One such beautiful locality is Basavanagudi and today we are talking about its SLV corner, a go-to place since years. It might be another South-Indian breakfast joint but it is super-famous in the area.

The Menu Of SLV Corner

By and large, you get everything here right from Dose, Idli, Vada Sambar to Puri Saagu, and Rice items. It is one of the busiest food points you see in Basavanagudi and so it becomes a must-visit when you are in and around. Some of our regular orders are Rava Idli and Vade Chutney.

slv corner

Speaking beyond South-Indian breakfast, SLV corner has the best North-Indian food to try for. You can go for a full-thaali to feed your stomach full, however, we bet on their Palak Paneer and Malai Kofta which are equally beguiling. Recently we found a hidden dish named ‘Bang for Buck’ which is a combo of Batura and Paneer Makhni. We just loved it.

basavanagudi food points

It is a pretty old place but well-maintained to cater to today’s trend and wind. As a culture here in Bengaluru, no breakfast ends without a filter coffee. At SLV corner, you can have it sitting under trees sighting the old-world charm of Basavanagudi.

slv corner

So, when you are in Basavanagudi, come to Vani Vilas road and at Ramakrishna Ashram circle, you find this hotel named SLV corner. This is one of the descent options you have in the area after greats like Vidyarthi Bhavan and Mahalakshmi Tiffin room.

Open: 8 AM – 10:30 PM

Address: 42, Vani Vilas Road, Ramakrishna Ashrama Circle, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru.

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