You are not a Bengalurian If You Don’t Know These Slang Words Used in Bengaluru

slang words used in bengaluru

Bengaluru is not just a city but an emotion. The city embraces the vivid cultures and traditions from all the walks of life. This metropolis widely known as the silicon valley of India is rich in its own heritage from language, food, lifestyle and for the nature of adapting to the newer things. Today, let us know some slang words used in Bengaluru which we think has no replacement in the English Vocabulary.

Slang Words Used in Bangalore


AJM stands for Akkan Just Missu or simply put you can say as ‘Ayyo Just Missu.’ This is very commonly used in Bengaluru and it has no wrong connection to the word Sister (Akka). It is a word used to express that feeling of missing the things at the last moment. There is an outrage, frustration and a subtle kind of grief which is quite expressive.

Slang Words Used in Bangalore


Literally, Chitranna means Lemon rice but it is used in a different context altogether. If something got messed up or when things do not go according to the plan then we use this word called ‘Chitranna’ to express our feeling.

Slang Words Used in Bangalore

Bun Bidu

Bun Bidu simply means, ‘Come.’ Please observe that this ‘Bun Bidu’ has a sarcastic and insulting tone which is purely contextual. Let’s say, you have got only one Cigarette and your friend asks to share. Then you say, ‘Bun Bidu’. It doesn’t mean that you have agreed to share a cigarette with him. When you say, ‘Bun Bidu’ – you are actually denying it.

local words

Kerkolakku Time Illa

Let’s not get into the details. When a person is full-on busy then this particular phrase is used. Okay?

A: Bro, let’s go to a Movie today.

B: Maga, full work in the office. Kerkolakku time illa.

Slang Words Used in Bangalore

Karaab Scene

Let’s say that my Uncle is admitted to Hospital and he is in ICU. How do I say this to my friend? – Bro, my uncle, full Karaab Scene in the Hospital.

Slang Words Used in Bangalore


Dwamsa means to destroy. For Example, “En Batting Guru Virat Kohli. South African bowlers Dwamsa.”

kannada words in bangalore

Maum / Maam

If you have not called your friend as Mom or Maam then you must try it. Don’t call Maama. It has a different meaning altogether. Just say Maam.

Slang Words Used in Bengaluru


Poat Aagbitta

I really do not know the origin of this word but Poat Aagbitta means to Escape. For an instance: When it was time to give a presentation, my friend ‘Poat Aagbitta.’

Slang Words Used in Bangalore


Bitaak is a Bengaluru synonym for Forget. “Bitaak Guru Avlilla Andre Innoblu.” Just forget it and move on. Bitaak!

Slang Words Used in Bangalore


If someone is irritating and troublesome then this word is used. “En Koole Guru. Saakaythu.”

Slang Words Used in Bangalore


Iska is a pure local word used in every part of Karnataka, especially in Bengaluru and it means to receive.

kannada words in bangalore


Soppu = Weed or Ganja. There is a whole list of code words used for Weed but as far as I have noticed, it is called as Soppu in Bengaluru.

Slang Words Used in Bangalore

Budakke Haaku

If you have played Gully cricket in the grounds of Bengaluru then you might have definitely heard this. Budakka Haaku means to bowl yorker length.

Slang Words Used in Bangalore

Sule Nataka

We all have that one friend who does Sule Nataka. He knows everything but still acts innocent or being unaware. You can relate this to ‘DraameBaaz.’

Slang Words Used in Bangalore


You are not a Bengalurian if you haven’t used or heard this word. Ninnakkan is a pronoun, adjective and whatsoever for anything and everything you speak in a sentence.

Slang Words Used in Bangalore


Goodhlu means scam. Suppose if you want to use it in a sentence then you can say, ‘Indian Politics full Goodhlu guru.’ You know, Indian politics is full of scam and fraud. That’s it.

Slang Words Used in Bangalore

Gumpal Govinda

Gumpal Govinda refers to moving with the mass owing to a situation or a particular reference. For ex: I have gone Gumpal Govinda to see the movie. It also refers to a situation where you agree with the crowd; contextually.

Slang Words Used in Bangalore


What happened to your results? Ee Saari nu Thook ah? Thooku means Dumki, Fail, Damaar.

Slang Words Used in Bangalore


Kachko is used as a synonym for Stuck and Unmoving.

Hey, why are you late?

Maga, Traffic Nalli Kachkondidno.

Slang Words Used in Bangalore


Do you have Guts? Do you have that nerve to fight with me? Meetru ide eno? You got it, right?

Slang Words Used in Bangalore


The literal meaning of Chatri is Umbrella but as a slang, it takes a different meaning altogether. Chatri = Cunning. Hey, don’t trust him. He is a Big Chatri.

Slang Words Used in Bangalore


Goosa is a Kannada word which means to Punch or a Big Slap kind of thing. Hey, don’t do non-sense here else I will give you a Goosa. Goosa, sounds heavy, right? Dishummm!!!

Slang Words Used in Bangalore

Ropu / Rofu

It is similar to saying, ‘Kya Aawaz Dal Raha Hain’? En Rope Haaktiya, Magane? If someone is talking with an unnecessary attitude or scolding you then it is called as ‘Ropu.’

Slang Words Used in Bangalore


Chintamani means a Super-Idiot, Stupid, and Dumb Ass. You can relate Rahul Gandhi as an imagery to this word.

Slang Words Used in Bangalore


Gunna refers to a Dent or a Hollow on the body part when someone got brutally punched.

“En aayto? Yaaro Gunna Haakdangide?

Slang Words Used in Bangalore


The literal Kannada meaning of Sheke is ‘Heat’ or ‘Hot Spell’ which is a feeling we all go through during Summer. However, in Bengaluru Slang context, Sheke means Tension.

“Sumne iru guru. Sheke Barsbeda.”

Slang Words Used in Bangalore


When someone is making another to feel superior or unnecessarily praising then that act is referred to as Jack.

Example: A: What Bro? In just one week of Gym, you have got great Biceps.

B: Sumne Jack Hakbeda maga. I’m joining the Gym from Next Week.

Slang Words Used in Bangalore


The most known and commonly used word in every part of Karnataka. If you have a friend who is bald head then you can call him as “Yee Baandli”, “What’s up Baandli?”

Slang Words Used in Bangalore


Swalpa Adumkoli Saar! Adumko is Pakka Bengaluru word used as an alternative to words like Shut your Ass and Shutup.

Slang Words Used in Bangalore

There are so many other words like Guru, Sishya, Maccha, Bombat, Sakkath, Sade, Shaa, Maga and I can go on like this. Slang words are witty and sarcastically profound that we all should add to our dictionary.

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