Skipping Quarantine As I Have to Ensure Medicine Supply Across Country: Sadananda Gowda

Sadananda Gowda (1)

Union Minister and BJP Leader Sadananda Gowda, on Monday, drove directly to his residence after landing from Delhi to Bengaluru. As per the rules framed by the State Government, Sadananda Gowda was stipulated to serve 7 days of institutional quarantine. However, when asked why he was not following the rules, the former Karnataka CM said that since he is the Pharma Minister of the country, he was exempted from certain rules.

Following his answer, the BJP leader was directed to severe criticism on social media and also by a few opposition leaders. Sadananda Gowda later issued a clarification to his statement.


Sadananda Gowda Issues Clarification

Regarding the issue, Sadananda Gowda said to ANI: “Guidelines are applicable to all citizens, but there are certain exemption clauses, for those who hold responsible posts.

He further added: “I am a Minister and I am heading Pharmaceutical Industry. If the supply of medicines and other things is not proper then what doctors can do for patients, is it not a failure of government. It is my responsibility to ensure the supply of medicines to each corner of the country.

Sadananda Gowda
Courtesy: Livemint

Rules in the state

As per the rules set by the Government of Karnataka, returnees from six states (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh) will have to undergo seven days of institutional quarantine followed by another seven days of home quarantine. 


The flight services have resumed on May 25th, after a long gap of 60 days. Different states have set different rules regarding the handling of returnees from different states.

Meanwhile, State Government announces exemptions

After the Sadananda Gowda fiasco, the State Government has announced exemptions, stating that Central and State Government ministers and officers on duty arriving from other states have been spared from institutional quarantine.

These exemptions were allowed in an addendum to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) issued by the Department of Health and Family Welfare Services and was made public on Monday.


Source: The News Minute