Which to do First—Bulking Or Cutting—for the “Skinny Fat” Body Type?

It’s quite a significant challenge to know where to begin in the process of developing a lean and a muscular physique, especially if you’re a skinny fat guy. Some will tell you to bulk up, and others to cut weight. To avoid confusion, read this article, as it explains some of the most logical answers.

Should skinny fat guys bulk or cut?

The term “skinny fat” doesn’t explain one exact body type, and it’s therefore hard to make recommendations for everyone. It merely means that you either carry a reasonable amount of fat or that you lack a decent amount of muscle.


Bulk or cut first?

It’s often more sensible to start with the cutting phase, and at other times it’s more prudent to start with the bulking phase. It depends on how skinny an ectomorph is, how much fat you are carrying, and what your mentality is towards the whole process.

Some individuals are okay with being thin if they no longer carry unwanted fat, whereas others would prefer to gain more muscle, even if it means carrying a higher amount of body fat.

The truth is that you can start with either of these approaches. However, what you should be aware of is, if you are a skinny body fat type and your primary goal is to get stronger and muscular, your training phase will result in a shape with which you are unsatisfied. You will either be reasonably thin or muscular but with a decent amount of fat. Talking of muscular development, you can enhance your muscle growth with anabolic steroids. You can find them online at Musclesfax.


The most important thing is to think of the long term to develop your ideal body.

How to decide whether to bulk or cut

It begins by assessing your current body and then deciding on the best approach that you believe will motivate you moving forward; it could be either get lean or gain more in size. The critical factor to look at is your body fat percentage. If you carry a significant amount of fat and you lack muscle development, it’s probably best to lose fat first.

It takes time and a lot of effort to build quality lean muscle, and if you add more lipids on top of what you already have, there is a big chance that you will not like how you look as you progress from week to week.


It could easily discourage you as well as throw you off track. It can lead to a back-and-forth approach between cutting and bulking that so many individuals fall into.

Bulking helps you meet your end goal in time, but if your body fat is decently high, the best step is to lose fat first. And if you’re naturally skinny, the best idea is to fill your body first.

Final thoughts for skinny fat guys

If you’re a skinny fat guy, don’t take just any recommendation on what you should do regarding cutting or bulking.


Make sure that your body type, the amount of fat you have, the muscle you’re carrying, and your preferences are in line with how you want to look, and then decide from there.

Either approach is okay, so make a decision and stick to it. Just remember that it will take time and patience to achieve an ideal body.