15 Simple Things In Life You Can Do To Discover The Lost ‘You’, Yet Again


1. Let’s pamper ourselves

Why not take yourself on that dinner date that you have been expecting from someone else? While we forget our self-importance doing daily chores, it’s amazing to take a complete day off for that fancy self-pampering. Invest it in treating yourself with some spa and a fancy dinner..aaah!

Image Credits – Ask Men

2. Social – media detox

Now come on, all of us need that!! We are living in the age of complete dependency on our social media handles. It cripples us to the point of addiction. So even if it might be the most difficult thing to do, try it! Cut yourself off from the temptations of social media.

Credits – Imperfectionist Blog

3. Ah sunrise, oh sunset

Have you witnessed these two magic’s on a beach on the same day!! No right?? So don’t deprive yourself of the beauty that’s waiting for you.


4. Let’s write a letter 

In the age of email and WhatsApp, write a letter to yourself, write about your dreams, your fears, your passion and connect with yourself..And when some years down the lane, you will read that later again, it will remind you of your beautiful self.

Credits – Flickr

5. Sleep under the stars

Yes! In the age of rising buildings with closed apartments, try doing this alone or with a special someone, let nature heal you, buddy!

Credits – News.com

6. Adopt a pet

Because adopting is giving love to that otherwise neglected life, Just one animal and it will change your life .you have to experience it yourself to see how animals bring pure joy to our lives.


7. Experience snow

Most of us live our entire lives without actually experiencing snow. While we watch it in films, we keep making plans. So get that plan into action because snow is the nature’s true delight. Isn’t it? So don’t miss it. Let’s go and throw white snowballs at each other…what fun.

Credits – Mat Office

8. Connect with a stranger

A Stranger that u met on a journey on a flight?? Or on a train??? Or your friend’s friend you met at a party. Knowing new people is like reading a new book. You never know what new thing you learn or if you meet your soul mate…ahaa. Let’s take those beautiful chances and build human trust while being careful of course.

9. Volunteer help

Spend a non-selfish day completely for some NGO or some individual that might need your help. Yes, we are all busy, but if you have never done this, you will never know the joy of giving.

Credits – Volunteer

10. Gift yourself

We all shop pretty expensive things for our loved ones. Have you gifted something to yourself with all that love in your heart? It can be anything from a dress to a vehicle or a message, don’t feel shy and love yourself bruh!

11. Long cycle ride

Yes, I am not talking about expensive bikes and cars. I am taking bicycles under the moonlight. Relive your childhood and do yourself a favor.


12. Go back to your school

Have you ever thought about that?? if no, add this to your list. Meet your school teachers and reconnect with your school to live the fondest memories of your childhood that made you what you are today.


13. Pack your bags, point on a map

Do that wild thing of a spontaneous journey to a random place chosen by your instinct. We live only once. Why not be a bit wild?


14. Meditation getaway

In today’s day and age of anxieties and depression, this is the most important thing to at least get a taste of mental relaxation for good. If you want to do it again, you can always choose.


15. A day on a bed

We all need a bed at night? But have you ever spent the entire day on a bed?? Stop laughing and try at least once to get that joy of an absolute lazy day. Yes, you can get up to pee, ha-ha!

Credits – Ikea

Cheers to Life!

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