This Andhra-Style Simhapuri Kitchen Serves Lip-Smacking Biriyanis Served On A Plantain Leaf

Bengaluru has a myriad of restaurants serving Andhra cuisine food. While many have made a name for themselves, a few of them remain a cut above the rest. In this article, we shall put the spotlight on one such restaurant – the Simhapuri Kitchen. This restaurant has received a lot of praise from its customers and now has something resembling a fan base too!

1. Courteous Staff

Everyone who has been here agreed that the staff here is extremely helpful and courteous. This is something of a rare find nowadays in the city. The quick service and polite waiters who are quick on their feet to serve have impressed everyone. The ambiance and music too are pleasant and the cozy restaurant is ideal to visit with family and friends.


2. Breakfast menu

The breakfast menu from 7:30 am to 11 am serves some of the best south Indian dishes. You get a variety of idlis and dosas with the Karam Podi Idli and Special Ghee Karam Dosa being the favorites. You also get three different kinds of chutneys to go with the idlis. The flavors of tomato, ginger, and garlic blend seamlessly into perfection in your mouth.

The non-vegetarian specials have dosa and pooris with different kinds of gravies such as mutton curry, Fish Pulusu, and chicken curry among others. If you want to try out the breakfast menu, be sure to visit the place on a weekend for the menu isn’t available on weekdays.

simhapuri kitchen

3. Magical Meals

The meals you get here are loved by all. The Andhra Bhojanam available for lunch is amazing. The vegetarian meals too are loved for their flavors and quality. The plantain meals served here transport you to a different era. This place is probably one of the best restaurants in Bengaluru to eat budget friendly plantain meals.


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simhapuri kitchen

4. Some Specialities

The best way to enjoy the food here is to have a starter or two…or even three along with the meals. The starters here are mind-blowing and flavourful. Both the Oriental and Andhra cuisine dishes here pack so much flavor with the latter being spicy enough to please those who want the authentic Andhra cuisine experience. If you plan a visit to Simhapuri Kitchen, be sure to try the Pandu Mirchi Mushroom and Paneer Vepudu. The Guntur Natukodi Vepudu is also a spicy and delightful starter. The tandoori starters are also perfectly cooked and are a good accompaniment to your meals.

simhapuri kitchen

5. Biriyani is Love, Biriyani is Life

Last but certainly not least is the biriyanis. Here, you get around two dozen different varieties of biriyani. The kollu rasam that comes with some of the biriyanis adds to the tangy and spicy flavor. Some of the mouthwatering biriyanis here are the Rayalseema Kodi Biriyani, Godavari Kodi Biriyani, Ulavacharu Chicken Biriyani, Natu Kodi Biriyani and of course, the Hyderabadi Biriyani without which no Andhra restaurant is complete. Every biriyani lover must visit this place and try out the biriyanis here.


Don’t forget to have some of their famed spicy buttermilk after the biriyanis and meals. Leaves you feeling complete and happy. This budget-friendly Simhapuri kitchen restaurant in Brookfield is open from 11 am to 11:30 pm on weekdays and from 7:30 onwards during the weekends.