Sikhs Sanitize Jama Masjid Ahead Of Eid; Twitter Showers Praises For The Act

The Coronavirus crisis in the country has left the citizens in extraordinary times. While many people have been left without a job and even without a home, there is another section of the citizens who have been directly affected the by the deadly virus itself.

The situation has now turned grim as people have not been able to celebrate Ramzan to the full extent. Nevertheless, in the last couple of days, a few cases have come to light which showcases the true and real humanitarian side of India.


The contribution by the Vasihno Devi Board

A couple of days ago, it was reported that the Vaishno Devi Board was preparing and providing Sehri and Iftari to the 500 quarantined Muslims at their premises. The board is also planning to extend the gesture to other surrounding areas near the temple.

Sikhs sanitize Jama Masjid in Delhi

In another heartwarming gesture, the Sikh community undertook the task of sanitizing the Jama Masjid in Delhi ahead of the Eid festival. A few members from the community, with adequate protective measures, sanitized the entirety of the premises before the festival.

The contribution is indeed a sweet gesture and hopefully, more such examples would arise in the coming days. He are a few tweets in which the netizens showered their praise for the work done by the Sikhs:


Source: Scoop Whoop