This place in Bengaluru serves the Signature Style Puliyogre and How Can You Afford to Miss it


Puliyogre, a dish which is largely famous in Bengaluru-Mysuru region is considered as one of the authentic food culinary of Karnataka. Finding a legitimate taste of Puliyogre is quite a rare thing because having the right mix of everything to make it accurate is an art in a true sense. You may find hotels in Bengaluru serving Puliyogre but that reliable taste can be found in only a few iconic places. Among such noted food points, the Puliyogre point of Basavanagudi has managed to hit all the right notes to get Puliyogre to the point. So, come let’s get into details and know more about its menu and specialties.

The Menu of Puliyogre Point

Without a second thought, your first order here should be a plate of puliyogre. It will be served with Curd and you can couple it with Ambode (a unique snack item). If we are not exaggerating then the satisfaction of having a puliyogre here cannot be equal to anything. People say that it is overhyped but on a personal note, we have never felt so. When we spoke to our fellow visitors, a person said to us that he has never experienced such a taste and he looked so satisfied. Another person sitting behind added that this Puliyogre point has the flavors of remarkable depth.


What Else You Have?

After having a plate of puliyogre, one can go for Kichdi or Pongal (Sweet and Khara). The gojju (tamarind-jaggery rasam) served with Khara Pongal is simply out of the world, ah! You also have a great combo of Bisibelebath and Boondi which can be thoroughly enjoyed. If you think that these are regulars then you can go for Godhithari Payasam, Nucchina Undi with Majjige Huli, Gasa Gase Paysa (on Saturdays), Medu Dose, Avalakki Bath, Sajjige, and Mini Idlies.


Coming to the price, a plate of Puliyogre costs you Rs.40. It is quite a pocket-friendly price owing to its taste. There are two sections; self-service and service sections making it feasible for all kinds of people. So, when you are in Gandhi Bazaar, off to DVG road, make sure that you visit Puliyogre point for an authentic Iyengar style puliyogre and other special varieties of Karnataka food.


Open: 8:30 AM – 9:30 PM

Where: 81, East Anjaneya Street, NR Colony, Near Basavanagudi, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru.

Location Details:

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