8 Major Side Effects of Black Seeds Oil You Should Know

Nigella Sativa extract is a non-invasive herbal ingredient with medicinal properties to improve health of people removing signs of common clinical problems such as high cholesterol, pain, illness, and diabetes to name a few. However, is black cumin seeds oil fully safe without any con? Better clinical research and systematic reviews have spotted few controversial elements lying in black cumin seeds oil to delay the natural functionality of kidney, liver, stomach and skin of a person. Definitely, the black seed oil side effects can be controlled through better plans, ground work and scientific usage.

If patients are educated about the ill- impact of black cumin seeds oil, they will be able to take timely safeguards whenever they have to consume this alternative medication for holistic treatment.


Black Cumin Seeds Oil with Excess Melanthin Causes Skin Inflammation

Black cumin seeds oil may be the source of skin inflammation in the event of the onset of allergic reaction. Though medical experts don’t have sufficient proofs about disadvantages of intake of black cumin seeds oil with long- term health hazards, they confirm the possibility of negative effect of black cumin seeds oil as a topical application agent in the event of over dosage. Melanthin of this natural substance is a toxin which creates handful of skin inflammation issues ranging from revelation of allergies to the abrupt skin rashes.

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Black Seeds Oil and Necrolysis

Few previous medical reports submitted by NHS healthcare consultants in the UK have clarified the imminent cause of epidermal infection under the influence of Melanthin. It is one of the components of black cumin seeds oil. Necrolysis symptoms have been experienced by women conceiving owing to the inclusion of black cumin seeds oil to repair and regenerate her epidermal skin texture. Blisters with pus were formed on her skin and later the skin infection led her to visit dermatology department of NHS hospital for thorough medical tests. Physicians detected reasons of the faster skin sagginess because of the excess amount of hard pressed black cumin seeds oil.

Black Seeds Oil Affects Blood Clotting Process

Patients who are directed to take prescribed drugs such as Herperin and Warfarin should not choose black cumin seeds oil for enhancing blood thinning. Natural coagulation is a known biological blood clot formation process. The state of hemostasis maintains the wound repairing by coagulating blood to inhibit bleeding. Perhaps, black cumin seeds oil destructs the organic fibrin structures which contain blood clot in the wound of the patient. Black cumin seeds oil has bad elements which clash with Coumadin or beta blocking components after critical surgery. Therefore, patients are not advised by surgeons to use herbal black cumin seeds extract before major surgery.


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Avoid Black Seeds Oil If You have Low Blood Pressure

Don’t go to buy black cumin seeds oil for treating low blood pressure. Avoid it to have relief.

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Over Dosage of Black Cumin Seeds Oil Affects Diabetic Patients

Diabetic patients should not prepare any diet plan which prioritizes black cumin seeds oil to control glucose level in the blood. Many powerful glucose resistance drugs(glipizide) are prescribed to lower natural glucose lever. If anyone combines metformin or glipizide drugs with this black cumin seeds oil for consumption daily to have anti-diabetic effect, it will not improve the blood sugar level. Low blood pressure and hypoglycemic impact will definitely occur.

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Black Cumin Seeds Oil Slows Down Uterus Contraction

Pregnant women need not select black cumin seeds oil even in prescribed dosage for muscle flexibility or immune reinforcement. Her uterus contraction will be slow or obstructed with this organic black cumin seeds oil. When she breast feeds her child, she should discard this Nigella Sativa for child care.


Black Cumin Seeds Oil Enhancing Drowsiness

Consuming surplus dose of cold pressed black seeds oil for suppressing oxidative stress, tension and anxiety may also bring few awkward health issues like light headedness. You will feel drowsy with deep comatose. It will make you physically inefficient to move or stand.

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Black Cumin Seeds Boosts up Contact Dermatitis

When other powerful medications are not considerably conducive to the skin rejuvenation, the natural Nigella Sativa component responds smoothly to regenerate dried and saggy skin. This medicinal substance is cost effective as well. However, researchers have discovered few neglected areas which don’t support the positive activity of black cumin seeds oil to cure a patient with” contact dermatitis” disease. The signs of skin irritation, and red patches including dried flakes happen after applying the best black cumin seeds oil. So, patients must notice doctors or skincare specialists for reducing over epidermal reaction.

In normal quantity, black cumin seeds oil is not harmful to anyone. However, the restrictions to have the black cumin seeds oil for regulating multiple diseases should be made known to people. Precautions and warnings to take over-dose of black cumin seeds oil must be meticulously remembered.