Shubhamangala Director Struggles To Promote His Film, Plans A Long Cycle Journey

Shubhamangala is a Kannada drama directed by Santhosh G. The film had its screening at Bangalore Film Festival 2020 and it’s now about to release in theaters on October 14th.

All about Shubhamangala

Shubhamangala stars Meghana Gaonkar, Hitha Chandrashekar, and Siddarth Madyamika in the lead roles. The film is about a character named Shiva who is a software engineer who is about to get married. Surprisingly, his ex crashes his wedding and proposes to him at the wedding. The story is all about ‘Will Shiva marry Anu or Vidya?’


Santhosh Gopal, who has helmed the film, was recently seen cycling to promote his film independently. In a video on Twitter, he is seen riding a bicycle with a film poster behind his seat. And, he can be seen requesting people to watch his movie.

Here’s the trailer:

A bicycle promotion 

In a video message, Santhosh says, “Our film Shubhamangala is going to release on October 14th. Our film was screened at Bangalore Film Festival and we received a good response. But, the problem is, Post Covid, no independent cinemas are able to survive in theaters. It’s not that they were bad films, it was because the budget was low and the promotion was not possible. So this is my small effort to promote my film through a bicycle. Please watch our film and if you like it please share this with others.”


With the mighty Kanyakumari to Kashmir path on his mind, covering a distance of close to 3,500 km, Santhosh ventured on the long-awaited dream with full enthusiasm and has been sharing each part of his experience through special vlogs on YouTube.

Speaking about his special expedition in a vlog, Santhosh shares: “Life had come down to an eat-sleep-repeat mod and that’s when I decided on taking my bicycle out. I have reached Kanyakumari to begin the journey and the plan is to reach Kashmir at the end of it – beyond that, I don’t have any other plan set out except to continue riding if I have the time or simply stay over in the nearest town”.