10 Legendary And Popular Shopping Centres In Mysore Which Are A Must-Visit While You Are in the City

shopping centres in mysore

Mysore is a shopper’s delight, seamlessly blending old-world charm with modern trends. You can get lost in the vibrant bazaars and pick up local handicrafts or a wooden doll or simply head to a swanky new mall. With silks, sandalwood, sweets and much more, Mysore has a lot to offer. Read on to find out some of the best shopping destinations you could plan up at your Mysore visit.

KSIC-Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation, Silk Factory, and Showroom

When it comes to shopping at ‘Mysore’, the first thing any Tom Dick and Harry would come up with, is, of course, the legendary ‘Mysore Silk Sarees’ isn’t it?. Where other than the iconic KSIC do you get the authentic silks. People from across the world come here for genuine Mysore silks where you can actually see the saris being woven. Mysore silk characterized by its lightweight nature is famous for its distinctive shine which is graced by intricate zari work made of golden thread. The royal city is famed for its silk sarees and carved a niche for itself in the textile industry of silks. And of course, this place is heaven to all women saree shoppers.


Devaraj Market

During the time of Tippu Sultan, it emerged as a small weekly market where fresh vegetables and fruits were the only traded items. Today, the market has over 800 shops and spread over 3 acres of land, known for wholesale trading. The market is designed with individual sections. With one dedicated to fresh flowers filled with tuberoses, lotuses, jasmines, marigold and many more. While another deals with solely pooja materials. Other prominent sections include vegetables, fruits, jaggery, onions, potatoes, puffed rice, coconut etc. With not just this, you can also buy colored powders to shiny jewelry, perfumes to clothes, spices to incense, bangles, bindis, fashionable accessories etc.

The Heritage

The Heritage is a house for exemplary handicrafts and traditional goods. The cultural center is choc-a-bloc with great buys. It showcases some of the best commodities Mysore has to offer such as Pashmina’s, jewelry, clothes, shawls, rugs, carpets along with sarees and home décor items. The staff is helpful and well-versed with the products, offering you an insight into the history of it as well. It’s a great place to pick up souvenirs to take back home.

Mall Of Mysore

Mall of Mysore is one of the largest and a first-of-its-kind mall in the history of Mysore. Keeping in pace with the changing perspectives and lifestyles, it is an enticing art building with distinctive architecture. Featuring blends of traditional elements with modern design. It is famously known for its quality shopping with fabulous national and international brands of garments, footwear, jewelry etc. The mall also hosts refreshing eat outs and entertaining aspects as well.


Ashoka Road

All that glitters can be found on this road. Famous for its jewelry, the area is filled with goldsmiths and jewelry stores. Overloaded with so many choices, you are surely going to find something you like, and certainly not return empty-handed. The entire street is totally devoted to jewelry, which is nice to even just watch or do some window shopping. Their earrings and bracelets are quite unique and offer a mix of traditional and contemporary design.

Sandalwood Oil Factory

Mysore, the one and only city popular worldwide for its classic Sandalwood or the ‘Mysore Sandal Soap’. Established in 1916, this iconic Sandalwood factory celebrates sandalwood. Here, you find amazing products, that use the anti-aging and healing properties of sandalwood. You could choose anything from sandalwood oil, sandalwood soaps, agarbattis, high-quality perfumes, cosmetics, detergents and much more. But this shopping can turn education too. As you can walk around and see how they actually manufacture the products from start to finish.

Cauvery Arts & Crafts Emporium

If you are that person inclined towards the collection of culturally and traditionally blended handicrafts. Then the epic Cauvery Arts & Crafts Emporium is simply the perfect shopping destination for you. This attraction boasts of unique and traditional pieces that are made from a variety of material. They have been inspired by great sculptures, astonishing carvings of historic temples and remarkable artworks of Karnataka. Some of the artistries you can find here are sandalwood carvings, rosewood inlay, traditional Mysore paintings, stone carvings, wooden carvings, traditional jewelry and much more.


Garuda Mall

This mall is a very popular shopping zone for locals as well as tourists. It’s always full of activity and the range of stores it offers consumers is truly impressive. You can pick up clothes from some popular international brands, like Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop etc. Also, you can look forward to branded jewelry, footwear, antiques, home decors and much more. And not to forget, you can always catch a movie at the PVR cinemas and dig into some fast food or local treats at the eateries in the mall.

Loyal World SuperMarket

If you want to shop some great, fresh groceries, fruits, household, and flavorful bakeries then you should straight away be heading to this ‘all in one’ supermarket. They source fruits and vegetables fresh from farms near Mysore. With a wide range of fresh and exotic fruits of the highest quality. They are also epic bakery chefs and experts who offer a wide variety of over 300 confectionaries. From Raagi to Ravioli, from home basics to special ingredients they have everything that the homemaker needs. Owing 10 departments with 84 categories, Loyal World SuperMarket is super indeed!.

Badsha Stores – The Silk Experience Since 1965

What started off as a small village store has grown into a major player when it comes to silk. They offer a wide range of high-quality saris as well as fabrics. Their collection comes straight from the weavers and artisans from villages in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. Some of the stand-out pieces you can find here include Banarasi silk sarees, brocades, 100% pure silk fabrics, scarves, stoles, ties and duvet covers and many more. A must visit for all of you who are looking forward to pure silks as well as fabrics with both traditional and modern blends.


The next time you are at Mysore, make sure you at least pay a visit to these legendary age-old shopping destinations.

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