SHOCKING REVELATION From Italy Shows How Low China Can Really Go

Xi Jinping (2)

China’s diplomacy has hit rock bottom. With most of its medical kits sold to other countries have been returned back because of their faulty nature. Now, China has been accused of selling the same PPEs that Italy donated when China was in the crisis.

The virus that originated in China’s wet market in Wuhan, within, months traveled to continents and made Italy the epicenter. Italy would soon surpass China’s tally of confirmed cases. Currently, the number of confirmed cases stands at 128,948 with 15,887 deaths so far. During its hard times, China was reported to have donated several Personal Protective Equipment.


China accused of selling back the same consignment

In the latest report, there is a twist of agenda as the ‘donation’ was not based on a humanitarian basis but a business deal. According to several media outlets, Beijing sold the PPEs to Italy. A senior official from Trump’s administration has been quoted in the media saying that China sold the PPEs that it once received from Italy.

Courtesy: UNB

Long before when the virus had hit Europe and China was muddled in a medical emergency, Italy had sent tons of Personal Protective Equipment. As per the official from the Trump Administration, China hasn’t even sent the complete consignment but only a part of it.

This joins the long list of China’s failed diplomacy talks post the COVID-19 outbreak. Most countries that received testing kits and PPEs from China had to return it. Recently, Spain returned 50,000 rapid testing kits received by China due to its faulty results. The diplomacy worsened when China refused to acknowledge its mistake and instead blamed it on others. It condescendingly told the Netherlands to double-check the instructions on its mask after the Netherlands government complained of masks not meeting their safety requirement.


The official further said that the Chinese have a social responsibility to help other countries dealing with the coronavirus as it is complacent of hiding information and manipulating the numbers. According to the official, close to half a million people potentially carrying the virus had entered the United States while China refuses to take the pandemic seriously. China has also been accused of painting a pretty picture of the situation in the country while there is evidence to prove it otherwise.