Shocking: Pratap’s Close Aid Revealed That He Had Predicted A Week Ago About the Massive Internet Troll

In a piece of intriguing news that has come to light, the owner of a hotel where Prathap had stayed at the beginning of this month, has said that the ‘young scientist’ had predicted that he would be trolled a week later on social-media.

Prathap resided at a Davanagere Hotel from July 1st to 8th

Located close to the Aruna Circle in Davanagere, Prathap had stayed at the Srigandha Residency from July 1st to July 8th. The owner of this hotel has revealed that Prathap had predicted his fate during the stay. He had reportedly said that a week later, he would be subjected to massive trolls on social media.


More interesting details revealed by Prathap

As per Vinayak, the owner of the hotel, Prathap said that every day, he could sleep only at 4 am as his night was spent in taking online classes for foreign students. Prathap also revealed that PM Narendra Modi had called him to offer a job, but then he had to reject it. All of this was revealed by Prathap while having dinner with the hotel owner.

During his stay, Prathap had traveled to Shivamogga and Ranibennur. Although the exact details are unavailable, it is said that Prathap checked out from the hotel and left for Bengaluru. The hotel owner also said that he had recorded a video with Prathap, in which the youngster talked about the services and the hospitality of the hotel.

Source: Vijaya Vani