Shocking: Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Niece Accuses Him of Sexual Harassment

According to a Times of India report, acclaimed actor Nawazzudin Siddiqui’s niece has filed a sexual harassment case against the actor in Jamia police station. She has accused him if sexually exploiting her when she was a child.

Raised by her stepmother as her parents were divorced, she spoke to a media agency and said,


“As a child, I didn’t understand thinking it was my uncle, but when I grew up I realized it was a different kind of touch. There was violence too.”

Courtesy: The Indian Express

Further, she alleged that the actor didn’t support her against his brother and said that the actor dismissed the allegation saying that ‘chacha hai, Aisa Kabhi Nahi Kar sakte’. She has now been married and alleged that her father and her uncle have been harassing her in-laws. She said,

“Even after my marriage, my father and Nawaz bade papa was also involved, filed false cases to harass my in-laws. If they would have been strict then this would not have happened. They never believed me. Nawaz bade papa once asked me what I want to do in life, I told him all that was happening with me and that I felt mentally disturbed. But he said there is nothing like that. I thought at least bade papa would understand, he lives in a different society and would have a different mentality.”

Bitter controversy for Nawaz

Off late, the actor has been involved in bitter battles as his wife Aaliya has asked for a divorce and alleged that the actor doesn’t know how to respect women. Aaliya had told in an interview,

“We were facing problems in our married life since the time we got hitched. Neither Nawazzudin nor his brothers know how to respect women. He used to only point out my mistakes whenever we talked. He even insulted me several times in front of others.”

The actor who has been living with his mother in Budhana during the coronavirus lockdown is yet to respond to the allegations of his wife and his niece. However, the actor’s brother has come forward to dismiss the allegations of Aaliya. The actor’s statement on the sexual harassment allegations is awaited.


Source: Hindustan Times