Shocking! Man objects ‘Bhoota Kola’ and goes to court, later dies just like Kantara scene

The Kantara-like incident occurred near Paduhitlu in Udupi where a man dies in a similar fashion to what was shown in Rishab Shetty’s film.

Kantara like incident

“So you will go to court, eh? but I shall pronounce your judgment on those very stairs,” says Panjurli Daiva, but regardless of this warning, the Landlord goes to court and dies a bloody death. This is the reel story of the Kannada super hit movie Kantara. But a similar real-life incident has happened in Udupi.


In Paduhitlu village of Padubidre taluk of Udupi district, a person who had decided to go to court with the case regarding Daivakola, collapsed and died in front of the temple during the pooja of the deity, leaving the people of the village speechless.

Nemotsava is held once a year in the Jarandaya temple in the Paduhitlu village. The entire village participates in this event. There is a Jarandaya Temple Seva Samiti, which takes care of the temple and the pooja performed to the deity. Previously, it was Prakash Shetty who was the chairman of this committee. Prakash later lost all authoritative power when the committee went through a certain change.

Immersed with ego and greed, Prakash Shetty decides to form a separate trust and appoints Jaya Pujari, as the chairman. This newly formed committee, with 9 members, claimed that the deity belongs to them.


The dispute

The dispute erupted after the Jarandaya Temple Committee decided to conduct Boota Kola like every year and decided to organize the event on 7th January. Prakash Shetty and his newly formed committee tried to protest and warned the temple authorities to sue them in court for organizing the Kola without their consent. Surprisingly, Jayapujari (President of Prakash Shetty’s committee), who took the initiative of the protest and brought the restraining order on December 23, suddenly collapsed and died on December 24.

During the Pooja of the Deity that was taking place at the temple, Jayapujari died in front of everyone, and the people of the town were shocked.

Here’s the video: