Shocking! Karan Johar Gave Up On Liger Long Before Its Release & did something ‘Unexpected’

Vijay Deverakonda’s Bollywood debut Liger, helmed by Puri Jagannadh and co-produced by Karan Johar was glorified to be the next big pan-India success before its release but unfortunately, it turned out to be a major box office catastrophe.

Liger disaster

With this, Puri Jagannadh got a lot of bad names as a director, but this isn’t the first time he has scored such a huge flop. Puri is one director who can give a comeback at any time. The real issue isn’t the flop movie, but the change in his attitude about money.


He is yet to give back some compensation to his distributors, who have seen massive losses. Now, the distributors are up in arms against Puri Jagannadh asking for reimbursement. Puri even accused the distributors of blackmailing them and has also demanded police protection.

Now, amid this, a report has claimed that co-producer Karan Johar had given up on the film long before its release.

KJo’s reaction after watching the film

According to Firstpost, a source close to the film revealed, “Karan had washed his hands off the project after he was shown the entire film. He had walked out of the screening politely telling Puri that the film didn’t match his, or Karan’s sensibilities and that he hoped there was an audience for it. Karan also pointed out that the climax with Mike Tyson be reshot. But Puri refused, arguing that everyone in his team loved the climax and the film. And that was that. Karan took no further interest in the film’s post-production and release.”


The report further revealed that Puri has been blaming Karan for pushing for Ananya Panday’s casting in the film but there is no truth to it. A close friend of Karan commented, “Not true at all. Vijay and Puri’s first choice was Janhvi Kapoor. When Janhvi’s dates didn’t work out they seemed more than happy to have Ananya Panday on board. Throughout the film’s shooting, they kept spoiling her like a princess. Now, when the film has proven a disaster Puri is looking for scapegoats.”

Meanwhile, ED has also served notices to Puri & Liger team regarding the investment that went into the movie. There is alleged political black money that went into the movie. With liger, Puri has not only got a bad name for his craft, but also for the attitude he is showing toward others.