Shocking Incident: In The Face OF Innocence, A 6 Year Old Died After Biting An Explosive Thinking It’s Food

A shocking incident took place in a village near Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu. Out of sheer innocence, A 6-year-old boy lost his life at Alagarai village near Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu after he chewed on a country-made explosive, assuming that it was a scrumptious snack to bite on to.

According to the reports, these country-made explosives were bought by three men who they used them for fishing near the Cauvery banks. They used two of the gelatin explosive sticks and brought the unused ones back to their friend Boopathy’s home.



Boopathy’s son, who was playing in the house, glanced at those explosives, presumed that the they were mouth smacking food items and took a bite out of temptation. Unfortunately, the explosive bursted into the child’s mouth and severely injured him. Before his family members and the nearby people could arrange for any medical help, the boy died at the spot.

Out of fear and anxiety over the death of 6 year old caused by explosives, Boopathy and his friends conducted the final rites of the boy all by themselves the same night instead of informing the police.

Later when the police came into action and got the information about this incident, three people in connection with the child’s death were arrested and a further investigation was ordered.