This 12-Seater Place in Bengaluru Serves Lip-Smacking Chicken Dishes For Less Than Rs.100

shivanna's chicken corner
Credits - Madan Richards

One of the happening areas in Bengaluru, Basaveshwar Nagar is host to a special non-vegetarian restaurant in the city. Shivanna’s Chicken has been extremely successful in attracting plenty of Chicken lovers across the locality and with the kind of unique and unforgettable experience you get at this restaurant; this attraction does not seem to die down any time soon.

Located on the Bhagyada Baglu Road, this tiny restaurant was established many years ago as a place that serves only Chicken & Egg items apart from a few vegetarian dishes.

Countryside Dishes

Unlike the other non-veg restaurants in the city, Shivanna’s Chicken focusses only on the Chicken items and hence, your options could be limited if you want to explore the world of non-vegetarian food. However, on the hind side, Shivanna’s Chicken Corner is good at preparing Chicken dishes and that itself is enough to lure to this joint very often.

French Chicken, Kalmi Kabab, Chilly Chicken, and Chicken Lolly Pop are a few items that are in demand apart from the flavored Egg Rice and Chicken Biryani. The gravy items in Butter Chicken and Chicken Masala taste well the Biryanis and the Ghee Rice.

None of these items will cost you more than Rs 100 and hence if you are someone who is looking to fill your stomach with by paying very less, Shivanna’s Chicken is the place you have to visit soon.

shivanna's chicken corner
Credits – Madan Richards

A 12-seater

Shivanna’s Chicken is an extremely tiny restaurant with hardly 4 tables available for people to sit. Considering the popularity of the joint, the crowd is bound to be high and hence you will be expected to wait a little longer than usual if you are planning to have your food here. However, the cleanliness will impress you and the speed of service will make sure you will forget the time you had waited to get your table.

However, we would recommend you to consider the option of a takeaway if you plan to taste the food at this joint.


If your mind is set on experimenting with a few authentic chicken items, then head to this restaurant straight away. You will have plenty of options to choose from and none of it will disappoint you. A couple of egg-dishes may also surprise you in case you taste them.
All the gravy items have the same base with the taste differing according to the variety. Chicken is cooked well and will melt as soon as it goes into your mouth. All the items are perfectly spiced and will make sure your taste buds will go tingling as soon as you taste them. The dry items are deep fried and are extremely crispy.

Most importantly, all these items have been priced very low and hence, a filling stay at this joint will definitely be light on your pocket.

Open: 11:30 AM – 10:30 PM

Where: 974, Bhagyada Baglu Rd, 3rd Stage, Basaveshwar Nagar, Bengaluru