Shashikala Jolle Emerges With An Impressive Report Card As The Women And Child Development Minister Of K’taka

Having won the MLA elections from the Nippani constituency in 2018, Shashikala Jolle had to wait a year before she was inducted into BS Yediyurappa’s cabinet. In 2019, the BJP politician was made the Women and Child Development Minister of Karnataka. It has been almost two years since Shashikala took over the role, and since then, she has been instrumental in several productive initiatives.

An impressive report card for display

It is actually a tough job to pull off something impressive, that too, in a short span of time. However, having had the experience of being a social worker before, Shashikala Jolle took the challenges in her stride to complete two years in the office. She has emphasized many schemes such as the Supplementary nutrition programme, Matrupoorna programme, Srushti scheme, Mukyamanthri Matrushree Scheme and many more.


Initiatives that have had an impact

Shashikala Jolle has worked on schemes that have actually had an impact on society. In two years of her service, 43.54 lakhs and 49.22 lakhs people have been benefited each year under the Supplementary nutrition programme. 7.79 lakhs and 8.52 lakh beneficiaries have been benefited from the hot-meals scheme. Under the Srushti scheme, severy children have been given eggs on a weekly basis.

Stree Shakthi groups

Apart from focussing on providing adequate nutrition to the needy, Shashikala Jolle has also ensured that the woman citizens of the state are equipped with job skills. Skill Development Training books and courses have been handed out to women in Karnataka.

Legal counselling has been provided and Protection of women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 rules have been made stronger during this period. Hostels, rehabilitation centres and Child Marriage Prohibition Cells have also been set up in the last two years.