Shashi Tharoor Memes Takes Over The Internet, He Becomes The Statue Of Dictionary

 Dr.Shashi tharoor has been a man of actual entertainment, despite being an MP and an intellectual of course he’s always respected as well as trolled on similar lines for his antics and speeches or take on certain incidents.Well, he seems to enjoy those as always he responds in a joyous manner.

Recently he shared pictures of his Onam celebrations via his twitter handle where he had visited temple and offered rituals during the celebrations and his iconic poses caught the attention of meme makers in no time which initially broke out a row of hilarious memes


Twitter Became A Meme Hub

Twitterati does not require a specific occasion or reason to make memes while Tharror has himself paved for one such moment where Tharoor shared a few pictures on Twitter of himself celebrating the Onam festival. One photo amongst those was him smashing a coconut.

Sharing the picture, he wrote, “And then offered a “Niramala” at the Elevanchery Bhagavathy Kshetram a few minutes from my ancestral home (where I also smashed a ritual coconut & prayed to the Naga gods worshipped by all Nairs). #Onam blessings to all especially those suffering in these troubled times.”


The picture soon went viral as people used it to make memes by positioning a coconut-smashing Tharoor in various places.A Twitter user shared one such meme where Tharoor can be seen smashing a coconut on the opponent’s head in a wrestling ring.


Tharoor Endorsed The Creativity


Some Hilarious Tweets