Shameless Media Makes Pradeep Mehra Run Inside A News Studio

19-year-old man, Pradeep Mehra, who got instant fame as he ran from his workplace in Noida to his home in Barola, is now made to run inside a news studio.

Media monetizing the struugle

Filmmaker Vinod Kapri uploaded a video of Pradeep Mehra, running from his workplace in Noida to his home in Barola. On asking why Pradeep says that he does this every night because he wants to join the Army and this is his only way to get some practice.


The video soon went viral and people appreciated the determination of the army aspirant. However, the media is more worried about TRP rather than his struggles.

Instead of highlighting the imbalance and the lack of opportunities in the country, this news channel made him run inside their studio for god knows what.

Celebrity status

While talking to the anchors of the show, Pradeep talked about his difficulties and how he has been training to join the forces.


When asked why is he so ambitious on joining the forces, he said, “Since childhood, I have been listening to stories of the courage of the soldiers. Therefore, I wanted to become one of them.”

Speaking of enjoying his ‘celebrity status, he added, “I have been getting around 100-200 calls from people keen on helping me. Yet, I wasn’t able to attend half of them because I had a lot of people and media coming to my doorstep.”