Shame On Shweta Singh! Aaj Tak Anchor Blames The ‘Indian Army’ For The Death Of 20 Soldiers

Melancholy is what the Indians are seeing all around. From COVID 19 to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, India has seen it all and 2020 is not being fair to the country. These wounds haven’t even healed, yet another crisis knocked on the doors.

Yesterday, with tensions rising on the Line of Actual Control at an explosive rate, the most recent tragedy involved the death of 20 Indian soldiers during a stand-off with China. Reporting of the violence has seen opinions that the internet has strongly disagreed with.


Shweta Singh
Courtesy: famous

In a video posted on Twitter, Aaj Tak news anchor Sweta Singh is seen stating that the Indian Army should be blamed for the incident and not the central government.

The duty to patrol the borders is of the Army and not the government,” Singh said. “The Indian Army has the freedom to patrol without waiting for a command from political masters. If the reports say that China overtook Indian land, it raises a question on the Indian Army.

There’s has been a mass outrage against the statements by her, especially considering the fact that the army is used as a mainstay in nationalist crosstalk.

Netizens are outraged at Shweta Singh and her comments. Their social media accounts are flooded with disgraceful and inappropriate comments about the anchor. Moreover, they urge for a deep apology from Shweta Singh for commenting on the army in such a way.