Setting An Example, Chand Bagh Muslims Protects Temple By Forming A Human Chain

source: indiatimes

After Delhi observers three days of violence in northern regions, some areas of the place also showed the message of harmony and brotherhood amongst two communities. Setting up an example, a Muslim society formed a human chain around a temple to stop the violent mob from vandalizing it.

Chand Bagh Muslims

The incident happened in Chand Bagh, a temple in a Muslim-dominated neighborhood was protected by an aged man and several other citizens as they formed a human chain around a temple and saved it. It is also reported that they sustained severe injuries while defending the temple.


“It would have been sinful for us if the temple would have been damaged,” said the elderly man.

source: ani

It was reported that three mosques at Mustafabad were vandalized by the angry mob resulting in a huge conflict between two different communities.

Communal fight 

As the mob continued its destruction of the mosque, the local Muslims repaid by pelting bricks back at them. In this incident, it was feared that the temple, which is close to the conflict region, would be attacked or being torched in the course of revenge.


So it happened and the angry mob marched towards the temple in a clear intention to harm the temple. Meanwhile, local Muslim men present at the place, with great presence of mind, quickly surrounded and formed a human chain around the temple to protect it from the angry mob.

source: siaset

“We have guaranteed that nothing wrong happens to the temple. We also ensured that no destruction happens to the shops of our Hindu brothers. If we would not have protected the temple, it is we who will be blamed and the whole locality would get destroyed,” a 30 -year-old resident said.

source: unmid

Several localities present during the conflict accused that the Delhi Police had come with the mob and threw tear gas shells, grenades, and bricks on the Muslim residents.


A young boy who appears to be in his twenties was part of the human chain and claimed that a grenade hit him on his stomach. Another was hit on his head with a brick.