Serving 1000 Meals/day in and around Mysuru, This Startup is An Inspiration for Many

Edin Synergy is distrubuting around 1000 meal packets per day in and around Mysuru

While the entire state is facing the brunt of the impact of COVID-19, the cultural capital of Mysuru has been one of the cities to have been hit pretty hard by the virus. To help mitigate the impact, many initiatives have cropped up in and around Mysuru to resolve the issues of the poor amidst the crisis.

Well known for its CSR Activities, Edin Synergy is one organization that has stepped up its efforts in recent days.


Serving 1000 Meals/day in and around Mysuru

Around 150 HR’s in the city of Mysuru have come together to distribute 1000 meals per day across the city and surrounding areas. 

A ‘COVID19-Edin Task Force’ has been set up which has taken the responsibility of this thoughtful gesture. COVID19-Edin Task Force is further divided into Edin Onsite Volunteers & Edin Office Facilitators.

Edin Synergy is distrubuting around 1000 meal packets per day in and around Mysuru

Edin On-site volunteers 

The volunteers of this group are involved in distributing around 1000 food packets with water bottles to the needy in and around Mysuru. The distribution begins at 11:30 am every day and depending on the requirement, the team moves to different locations including the city outskirts & remote places.


Edin Off-site Facilitators 

Operating from home, here are the tasks taken by the volunteers from home:

  • Creating COVID19 Awareness using social platforms
  • Facilitating community purchases
  • Assisting lone senior citizens for emergency medical purchase
  • Arranging 4 wheeler for any Non-COVID medical emergencies
  • Feeding the abandoned pets.
  • Any other offsite emergency assistances

Appreciation from all quarters

The gesture by Edin Synergy has caught the attention of many across the city and the state. Music Composer Vasu Dixit, cricketers Sunil Joshi and Vijay Bharadwaj are a few who have appreciated the efforts of the organization.

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