10 Amazing Things in Bengaluru Which Have A Separate Fan Base And You Know It

separate fan base

In the world of Internet and social networks, memes attract a lot of audiences. There is a whole set of Facebook pages engaged in meme making having followers in millions. When we say memes, there are templates which gets popular. Among such crazy templates, the one with ‘Separate fan base’ title is now going viral on the Internet. In this context, we have listed out things in Bengaluru which are insanely popular; each having their own fan base. Here we go!


Dosey is Bengaluru’s most favorite breakfast item to an extent that we at least prefer it 2-3 times in a week. Talking about Bengaluru’s street food scene of Bengaluru, we see a lot of varieties in Dose with a fan base of its own; that too in a larger number.

dose memes

Silk board traffic

There isn’t a fan base but Silk board holds a special place for all the wrong reasons. Being the most congested signal of the city, Silk board is a legend indeed.

separate fan base

Nandi Hills

We believe there is no hardcore Bengalurian who hasn’t visited Nandi Hills. It is the most preferred weekend getaway with an insane number of fans to it.

separate fan base

Vidyarthi Bhavan and CTR

Being the iconic hotels of the city, both have their own fan base. There are people who prefer CTR over Vidyarthi Bhavan and vice versa is also equally true.


Today, we have Metro and Cab services however BMTC has a feeling attached to it. We love traveling in BMTC buses as it carries a different level of chaos which brings us closer to the city.

separate fan base

Shivaji Military Hotel

Yes, it is one of the most loved and iconic military hotels of the city with a huge fan base. It is so popular that on Sundays, you hardly get a place to step inside the hotel.

Bengaluru Weather

Ahh, it is the best! There is no person who has not fallen in love with the enthralling beauty of Bengaluru weather. If there is anything which is most loved about this city then it is Bengaluru weather.

separate fan base

Filter Kaapi

The very word ‘Filter Kaapi’ has a separate fan base. Bengaluru has become synonymous with coffee and so with its taste and aroma.

Dip Ah Separate Ah

This phrase definitely has a fan base and somehow Bengaluru has adjusted to it. It has become a ritual for servers to ask this question and a habit for us to answer with a smile.

Bengaluru Slang

It is not about the usage of certain slang words but Bengaluru language has its own identity. City’s Kannada has something which stands out as compared to Kannada spoken in the rest of the state. Being a cosmopolitan city, Bengaluru has a mix of everything.

separate fan base

And, these are also the things that come first when we say ‘Bengaluru’. So, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.



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