Senior Actor Srinath Vasishta Turns Security Guard Amid Coronavirus Outbreak In The City

Srinath Vasishta

As the coronavirus cases in the city of Bengaluru continues to increase, many shoots of TV serials and films have been called off for safety reasons. One of the actors has turned himself into a security guard of his building.

Senior actor Srinath Vasishta is working as a security guard in his building. In his building, the security guard has been tested positive for the novel coronavirus because of which the residents have taken upon themselves to carry out the work of the building in turn by turn basis. Due to this, Srinath Vasishta has been working as a security guard. He shared on his Facebook wall,


“The apartment in which I am staying, one of the security personal have tested positive and three others are quarantined, the apartment committee requested the residents to help in doing Rakshak (Security) work for 10 days. Today between 2 pm to 10 pm is my duty, sitting at the gate. Yesterday night my son Ruthvik Vasishta was on the job and now me, a new experience and feeling good for doing this wonderful community service. SARVEJANA SUKHINO BHAVANTHU.”

Srinath Vasishta (1)

The cases in the state have been rapidly increasing as it reported 2,738 cases of coronavirus on Monday out of which Bengaluru reported 1,315 cases. The death toll on Monday crossed 70 with 73 deaths. In Bengaluru alone, 47 people died of the novel coronavirus. There were 839 discharges on Monday in the state. The total discharges reached 16248. The remaining active cases in the state are 24572. The total death tally crossed 757. There are at least 545 people in the intensive care unit as of yesterday.