This 75-Year-Old Selvamma Now Uses Solar Power To Roast Corn in Bengaluru : What An Idea Bro!

Our planet is changing fast and its adverse effects are being felt by all living beings. Global warming, pollution, and climate change threaten our very existence and yet, we don’t do much about it.

Seventy-five-year-old Selvamma has altered her lifestyle for the better. The corn-seller who has been working outside the Vidhan Soudha building for over twenty years now has some slick, new equipment resting on her cart. The solar equipment reduces the pollution and carbon footprint to create those deliciously roasted corns which everyone is fond of.


Designed and Created by Selco foundation

Though the entire set-up costs nine thousand rupees, an NGO gifted it to Selvamma for free and it has made her life easier. The equipment consisting of a solar panel, a light with a lithium battery, a fan and lights are designed and created by Selco foundation which hopes to spread awareness on solar power with the help of this scheme. The cost of the equipment is gradually expected to decrease to around 6000 to 7000 rupees with increased adaptation.

Selvamma is extremely grateful to the NGO for having helped her out with the setup. Now she needn’t exert energy on fanning the coals. Her wrists do not ache anymore. Selco Foundation has truly done a great work by their kind act.

Their website talks of how they leverage technology to alleviate poverty, build ecosystems and support social enterprises all by using scalable and renewable technology such as solar power. It is quite wonderful to see help being offered to the needy and inspires us to do the same.



Technology has the way to change our lives for good when used right. This is a prime example of that. We hope that this act furthers the use of solar energy among others. If a seventy-five-year-old can use clean energy to change her life, why not you?

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