‘Self-Reliant’ India and 20 Lakh Crores Package: Highlights From PM Modi’s 8PM Message

PM Narendra Modi, after almost a month, yet again arrived in front of the country today. Plenty was expected from the message, as the country is currently in the midst of a lockdown dilemma. The Prime Minister spoke on a number of issues in his speech, the highlights of which have been mentioned below:

‘Self-Reliant India’

PM Modi, in his message, focused on India becoming a self-reliant country, so that the 21st century belongs to the nation. He said that by meaning self-reliance, we should not think only of India but of the entire world as one family. The Prime Minister also called for a strong resolve to be self-reliant, by citing the enormous resources and extraordinary talent that the country possesses.



Pillars of the ‘Self-Reliant’ India campaign

Modi listed out the five pillars that would be the foundation for the Self Reliant campaign. The five pillars are: Economy, Infrastructure, Our System, Our Demography and Demand. While Modiji called for a quantum jump in economy, he talked about his vision of the Infrastructure becoming the hallmark of the country. He stressed on a technology-driven system and our vibrant demography too. The final pillar is about harnessing the cycle of demand and supply chain in our economy to its fullest potential.

20 Lakh Crores in 2020

Almost 10% of country’s GDP, PM Modi announced a financial package of Rs 20 Lakh crore as a means to help India become self-reliant and also help the country fight the pandemic. The package will be for our farmers, middle class and the industry. The details of the economic package will be announced by the Finance Minister in the coming days.

Indians must be ‘vocal about local’

Batting for the citizens preferring local products, PM Modi requested the people of the country to be more vocal about the local products. He also said that one must also try to promote our local products globally.


Lockdown – Version 4

PM Modi also announced that the lockdown in the country would continue. He said that decisions regarding the same would be announced before May 18th. However, unlike the previous lockdowns, the next lockdown will have different rules and will be completely redesigned.