Following the Legend of Tipu Sultan – Self Drive Road Trip

Tipu Sultan remains till today one of the most celebrated warriors in Indian history, who during his reign fought the British and did not stop till he was felled in the famous battle of Srirangapatna in 1799. Today his forts and palaces are some of South India’s greatest cultural treasures showcasing a rich architecture and history. With a self-drive car, one can navigate to some of the most storied spots in the life of the king. Here are three destinations that have kept the legend of Tipu Sultan alive.

Nandi Hills

Just 60 km from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is an idyllic retreat for nature lovers, hikers, and bird watchers. These lofty hills have a lot of history too and there is a big connection with Tipu Sultan. His summer palace still stands to this day and is undergoing renovation to restore it to its former glory. The palace is different from his constructions on the Deccan plains – it included a lot of wooden elements and there are many paintings in the palace.

Tipu’s Drop is another famous spot in Nandi Hills. Today it is a viewpoint for tourists but there is a chilling origin to the name. Prisoners of the king were pushed off this cliff after being sentenced to death. A visit here reminds visitors of the brutality that existed in the days of royalty, a sobering accompaniment to the images of splendor and royalty of the time.

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Srirangapatna, located 130 km from Bangalore, is most famous for its Gumbaz, the resting place of Tipu Sultan and his father Hyder Ali. The Persian Islamic style of architecture is characterized by the impressive central dome and the rectangular base skirted by a pillared verandah. Surrounding this majestic tomb are gardens and the mausoleum is one of the many highlights of the Srirangapatna fort complex. The Jama Masjid is a revered site and known for its building style while the Sri Ranganatha Svami Temple draws thousands of pilgrims every month.

One needs to visit Colonel Bailey’s Dungeon to understand the many conflicts that shaped the history of the region. It was here that many British officers were imprisoned and today visitors can see the spots where prisoners were chained and indentured.

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The well-preserved Palakkad Fort holds another important chapter of Tipu Sultan’s reign. At one time it was part of his empire and consequently, the center of many battles. It eventually fell in the hands of the British in the year 1790. It was here that the British consolidated and based their final assault on Srirangapatnam, where Tipu Sultan was killed.
Stone bastions enclose the square-shaped fort and some of the attractions here include the courtyards, a stepwell, the Shilavatika gardens and a couple of old temples. Palakkad is located in a scenic part of Kerala, a seven-hour drive from Bangalore.

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With such convenience available with a few taps on the phone, historical road trips across the heart of South India can be planned anytime from anywhere.

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