Meet Sehmat Khan, Real-Life Kashmiri Spy Who Inspired Bollywood’s Super-Hit Movie Raazi

alia raazi

When the Alia Bhatt Vicky Kaushal staring movie “Raazi” hit the theaters it generated a lot of appreciation for the actors, directors as well as the producer. More importantly, it just touched the heart of the viewers as the story sounded so genuine and inspiring. That was because it was indeed based on the story of a real-life spy Sehmat.

Harinder Sikka’s ‘Calling Sehmat’ Unraveled Greatness Of Indian Girl-Spy

India is blessed to have so many people sacrificing for its integrity and security without even once claiming for name or fame. “Calling Sehmat” is a novel by Harinder Sikka that unravels the greatness of Sehmat, a real-life spy.


Although the character of Sehmat is very much real, the name is fake. Sikka used a fake name to ensure that the security of the girl who dared to spy the Pakistanis is not compromised. Sikka stumbled upon the information about Sehmat when an army officer revealed to him about his mother who was a daughter of a Kashmiri businessman.

The army officer told Sikka that his mother was an Indian spy who was married off to a Pakistani officer for keeping an eye on our neighbor’s innermost information in 1971. Intrigued by this revelation, Sikka traced down the lady who lived in Punjab’s Malerkotla.

Incidentally, Sikka cross-checked all the information that Sehmat passed with the Indian Intelligence and it came out to be true. It took the author 8 years to complete the book. At the time when Sehmat was married in Pakistan, the war between Pakistan and India was becoming imminent. Even though she was trained only to be a facilitator, Sehmat went beyond that to gain secret information.


Sehmat’s Information Saved Pride Of India

During her stay in Pakistan, Sehmat found out about the plan of Pakistan to sink INS Viraat. She passed on this information to India and helped save the pride of our country. After Sehmat finished her work as an Indian spy, she returned to India.

She was pregnant at that time and gave birth to a boy who also went off to become a part of the Indian army. Even though Sehmat is no more, no true Indian can forget her contribution towards the country. Raazi by Dharma Productions reveals the grit, courage, and determination of Sehmat who indeed was a real-life superhero.

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