See My Films To Understand My Politics: Upendra

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Actor-Director turned politician, Upendra who launched his political party ‘Prajakeeya’ in 2018 that fought the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, says that his films often reflect his political stance.

According to Upendra, his earlier films like ‘Om’, ‘A’ and ‘Upendra’ were about his inner struggles and ideals. While ‘Om’ was about the underbelly of the Bengaluru city, ‘Upendra’ was a psychological thriller, his later film ‘Super’ spoke about Patriotism and his last directorial, ‘Uppi2’ was allegedly about god being the ultimate administrator. He says that he took all the liberties to convey his vision and what he thinks is wrong in the system.


After three decades of being in the industry, Upendra stepped into the world of Politics with the ‘Prajakeeya’ party which he thinks is a truly democratic party. When asked about how he juggles between the film world and politics, he says that while acting and directing is his livelihood, the rest of the free time he donates himself into politics. I am an independent person with no hidden agenda, he says.

source: the Hindu

It is said that not until he finished ‘Uppi2’ that he decided to finally step into the world of politics. Speaking about the triggering point, he says that a sense of restlessness pushed him to take the decision. Speaking to Metrolife, he said,

“Leaders have not stood by their promises. We are in a crisis because our leaders have converted everything into a business, even health and education. Two of the most important sectors have turned into money-spinning machines.”

Prajakeeya – A Party of Thoughts

He also further accused the system of pressurizing the children and therefore not allowing them to enjoy their childhood and teach them about life beyond the competition. Answering the question of the necessity to start a political party, he said politics is also a kind of social service. He also accused people of having a notion of politics being a business alone. He reiterated that the leaders who are paid by the taxes collected by the people should always work for the welfare of the people. He also adds that he has no ambitions of becoming a chief minister or even holding a position of power.


Prajakeeya is a party of manifesto, he says. Before ending, he also pointed out that Prajakeeya should become a party where people vote for it because of its thoughts and not because of a person.