Security alert indicates threat to PM Modi and other dignitaries on Republic Day

According to the reports of the Intelligence agencies of the country, there is a possible threat to PM Modi and the dignitaries going to be assembled at the Republic Day celebration of 2022.

The reports have provided that the security alerts are coming from the groups based out of Pakistan and Afghanistan and the attacks could be carried out using drones.


The Backdrop

Recently, an improvised explosive device (IED) was uncovered from the Ghazipur Flower Market in Delhi and was later diffused. This has set fear and speculations in the capital as the R-Day celebrations are closing in.

The Delhi Police have fortified areas in and around Rajpath with multiple layer security covers, installed facial recognition systems (FRS), and over 300 CCTVs in the vicinity.
More personnel have been provided in the area, verification has been intensified and a Quick Reaction Team has also been deployed.

The DCP has also reported that the Anti-Drone team has been deployed to keep a watch on the flying objects. He added that around 300 cameras with FRS-enabled facilities have been deployed in and around Rajpath. The systems have a database of 50,000 suspected criminals.


The Republic Day celebrations held annually are one of the grandest ones for India and a parade also takes place on Rajpath every year. This year the heads of state of five Central Asian nations – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan will be chief guests for Republic Day 2022 celebrations.