Scindia Resigns: Twitterati Wants Rahul Gandhi To Join BJP And Says ‘Rahul Hain Tho Mumkin Hain’

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Jyotiraditya Scindia resigned from the Congress party after serving with them for 18 years. In his resignation letter that he sent to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi today, he said that he does not see himself serving the state and the country with Congress anymore and that this move was “seen coming”.

Almost 19 MLAs left with Scindia and some have even come out and said that they were fed up with current Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath’s tenure.


Bisahu Lal Sahu, MLA said, “I have resigned from the Congress as well as from the membership of State Assembly. I have joined BJP. Most of the Congress MLAs will resign from the Congress in coming days as they are fed up with the functioning of Kamal Nath govt.”

While Congress laments over this, it is a clear win for BJP because it can now get a clearer grip on Madhya Pradesh.

19 Congress MLAs, who are staying in Bengaluru, wrote a letter to Karnataka DGP, demanding protection and police escort. The letter reads, “We’ve come to Karnataka voluntarily for some important work, regarding which we require protection for our safe movement and stay in and around Bengaluru”.


In this context, people are trending Rahul Gandhi on twitter demanding him to quit Congress and join BJP. Also, other popular hashtags like Sachin Pilot and Rajasthan are also trending and the reason is pretty predictable.