Here Are Those Scenes From Kabir Singh Which Has Led To A Debate About Toxicity And Male Dominance

kabir singh scenes

Released on Friday, Kabir Singh has divided the country for the content the movie carries. While one section of the audience is in awe of the way in which a flawed character has been portrayed in the movie, the other half is openly critical of Shahid Kapoor’s misogynistic, self-destructive character in the flick. However, this debate started 2 years ago when the movie Arjun Reddy released but it is just that this debate has found a wider participant-base with the release of Kabir Singh.

The plot of Kabir Singh is extremely loyal to that of Arjun Reddy. Sandeep Vanga has directed both these flicks and although the direction, music & performances are fine, here are a few sequences which might have triggered the section of the audience which has hated this movie.


kabir singh scenes

Kabir Singh threatening a woman for refusing to have sex

This is one of the first scenes to establish the post-love failure character of Kabir Singh. He is sexually frustrated and at one point, he threatens a lady who refuses to have sex with him.

The fight with an opponent from a rival college

Although the guy from the other college instigates him, Kabir could have dealt with this issue in another way. However, keeping the pride of his college in mind, he makes sure the guy is beaten almost to death. And in the process, he disrespects a professor from his very own college.

kabir singh scenes

Addressing Preethi as “his girl”

Without even knowing her name, Kabir addresses Preethi as “his girl” while warning his juniors of dire circumstances if they get close to that girl. Although this might have been a thread in Kabir’s character, his dialogues in this scene have definitely started a wave of discussions.


A kiss before a word

Kabir kisses Preethi even before speaking a word with her. Preethi’s response to this is a motionless stare. Of course, we would not want any girl to be like “Preethi” around us. Don’t we?

kabir singh scenes

A warning to her girl’s parents

Yes, Kabir was right in bashing the hindrance to inter-caste marriages in our country. However, his disregard and utter disrespect for Preethi’s parents might have made a few, brand this movie as problematic.

Kabir’s self-destructive ways

He calls it a phase in his career and tries all the means to harm himself to forget his love. However, this action of his might has not gone down well with the parents in the cinema hall.


A surgery while intoxicated

It is surely the character sketch of Kabir Singh. But we wouldn’t want any of our doctors operating on us to have a peg of whiskey before they wear the gloves.

Should we consider a movie as a piece of art or regard it as a powerful medium which would impact an individual’s thinking in the theatre? This question is at the core of the discussions going on with respect to Kabir Singh.

However, one thing is for sure, these discussions are not going to die any time soon.