Scam Exposed! The Japanese Technique Letting You See Through A Blindfold Is A Complete Hoax! Find Out Why

In the second episode of Shark Tank, there came a Punjabi family that showcased a new technique which apparently activated your mid brain. The Singh family led by Gurunandan Singh demonstrated a special ‘scientific’ technique through which kids can recognize, watch, and even read despite a tightly placed blindfold on their eyes! Now that technique has been exposed and is called a scam!

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In this technique the children of the Singh family were seen doing the magic and pulled off tricks with a blindfold. They tied a cotton-filled blindfold around the eyes of their two daughters, with this on they guessed a bunch of objects placed in a bowl.


Even though the Sharks found the technique fascinating, none of them invested in it for the reason that it will not be profitable in the future and will be tough to scale up.

In the most recent development, a YouTube channel named ‘Science is Dope’ has exposed this technique used by them to mislead their customers and those who watched them online.

The YouTuber highlighted through a live example that blindfolded people can actually see through a small gap which is between their nose and the cotton pad. He also provided that a man named Dr Narendra Nayak is actively working to stop this scam from spreading any further.


The Youtuber spoke with Nayak himself who mentions that the scam started in Japan and has already been carried forward by a professor in Russia but it did not work quite well until it went viral in India. The country now has more than 20 companies that claim to ‘teach’ this technique and the reason for its success here is mainly academic completion!

The scheme or technique was also showcased in KBC as well but the episode was taken down after the Dr Narendra Nayak wrote a letter to the network explaining how misleading the whole concept is. He tried contacting the Shark Tank India team as well but there was no response from their end.