SC Asks Maharashtra Government To Not Cut Any More Trees In The Aarey Area

source: hindustantimes

After a huge protest erupted in Mumbai for calling the felling of trees illegal, the Supreme court finally stalls the further cutting of the trees. The court has now ordered the Maharashtra government to not cut any more trees in the Aarey area.

SC halts felling of trees

In a major victory for green activists, a special bench of the supreme court on Monday asked the state government to ensure that no trees are further axed at Mumbai’s Arey Colony. The entire youth in the city was protesting against the felling of over 2,600 trees in the Aarey colony for the construction of a Mumbai Metro car shed. The court also said it would further hear all the petitions in the matter on October 21.

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During the hearing, Justice Arun Mishra asked whether Arey Colony was the eco-sensitive zone or not. Gopal Sankaranarayanan replied by saying, “Wider issues relating to Aarey being a forest or not has been pending before the Supreme Court in a 2018 summit.”

“As the matter is pending, the authorities should have not gone ahead with the felling of trees,” he added.

source: hindustantimes

It was on Sunday that the court received a letter by the student’s group against the axing of the trees in the Aarey forest. The court then decided to make it a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) and created a special bench to hear the matter.

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