“Saw Fire Everywhere, No One Was Visible”: Pakistan Plane Crash Survivor Recounts His Horrid Experience

One of the two people who survived the disastrous Karachi plane crash has recounted his experience of having been through the horrid time. He also talked about his escape from the plane wreckage.

Plane Crash on Friday

As per the officials, the Airbus A320 lost contact with the air-traffic control at around 2:30 pm. The pilot, in his last message, had said that they had “lost the engines”. Nearing the airport, the plane then crashed into the nearby neighborhood, as it sliced the rooftops and grounded into a street.


Commercial flight-operations had only begun a few days ago, owing to the festival in the country. Until then, due to the coronavirus issue, the flight services were not functioning.

As many as 97 people lost their lives due to the incident, and it has been reported that all the 97 had been on the plane. 19 have already been identified while DNA test is ongoing to identify the remaining victims at the University of Karachi.

Courtesy: Indian Express

Two individuals survive the incident

Only two survivors emerged from the incident. One of them, Muhammed Zubair, recounted his experience of surviving the plane crash. He said:


After it hit and I regained conciousness, I saw fire everywhere and no one was visible. There were cries of children, adults and elderly. The cries were everywhere and everybody was trying to survive. I undid my seat belt and I saw some light and tried to walk towards it. Then I jumped out.

The health officials confirmed that Zubair had suffered burns but he was in a stable condition. The other survivor was Zafar Masud, president of the Bank of Punjab.

Source: NDTV