#SaveTheHimalayas Trends As Netizens Post Devastating Pictures Of The Uttarakhand Forest Fires

As many has 46 forest fires have been reported in Uttarakhand in the last four days. So far, the forest department of the state has incurred a loss of Rs 1.32 lakhs due to the incident.

The rising temperatures and the hot spell across North India is said to have been the main reason for the fires. In fact, on May 26th, North India was the warmest region on the globe, along with south-east Pakistan.


While 2 people have already lost their lives due to the forest fires, the incident has affected 71 hectares of forest land in Uttarakhand. The hilly state has a total of 38000 square kilometers of forest land, which is home to around 1145 wildlife species. More than half of these species are also said to be in danger due to the fires.

The Government says this may not be the worst year for the forest fires

However, the government has said that this may not be the worst year for wildfires as intermittent rains and high moisture levels have helped in preventing such instances. A tweet said: “Forest fires have come down a lot this season. Partly due to less anthropogenic activity and partly due to rains.

Devastating pictures of the wildfires

Meanwhile, Twitter users have started posting devastating pictures of the wildfires on the platform. Here are some of the tweets which are going viral:


#SaveTheHimalayas starts trending on Twitter

With too little media coverage and no big names involved in spreading awareness about the situation, the netizens have taken upon themselves to spread the word.

Source: India TV News/ Business Insider