10 Things To Know About The Famous Saundatti Yellamma Temple Of Karnataka

saundatti yellamma temple

Saundatti Yellamma Temple is located in Belgaum district at a distance of 70 km from its district headquarters & 38 Kms from Dharwad. Saundatti is popular for the wonderful and ancient temple dedicated to Goddess Renuka also called as Yellamma. The temple is situated on Yellammagudda, which is about a distance of 5 Km from Saundatti town.


The Yellamma Devi temple is located on top of a hill near Saundatti. Saundatti is an ancient town which was the first capital of the Ratta dynasty.


It is associated with Renuka, the wife of Jamadhagni and the mother of Parashurama, whose story is told in the Puranas. Here, she is worshipped as Renuka Devi or Yellamma Devi.


The Renuka Devi Temple is the most famous pilgrimage spot in Saundatti. It is one of the oldest towns in Belgaum district.

saundatti yellamma temple


Yellamma Devi is also identified with the Goddess Kali. Kali is known as the Punisher who destroys evil-doers, but she is also the kind mother who showers love and blessings on her devotees. It is in this aspect that she is worshipped here.


Saundatti Yellamma Temple is built in the Chalukya and Rashtrakuta Style of architecture. The Carvings in Saundatti Yellamma Temple indicate the Jain architecture.

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The temple houses multiple shrines dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Lord Mallikarjun, Parshuram, Eknath, Siddeshwar in its premises.

saundatti yellamma temple


The temple of the goddess Yellamma or Sri Renukadevi is a popular pilgrimage site for Shakti devotees. Every day, hundreds of pilgrims visit the temple with great devotion.


The congregation is especially large, crossing the ten lakh mark on two auspicious days Banada Hunnime and Bharathi Hunnime. The Jatre is also known for the practice of dedicating girls to the Devadasi system.


The Yellamma Jatre is more about the celebration of the power of women in the form of Shakti. During this Jatre, an idol of Yellamma Devi is taken out in procession and she is worshipped as Goddess Shakti.

saundatti yellamma temple


The Renukasagara, formed by the Navilatirtha Dam touches the low-lying areas of Saundatti. There is a spot called Jogulabhavi here, where there is a temple. Pilgrims take a holy dip here before visiting the Yellamma Hill.

One should this holy place once in his/her lifetime. Nearby Airports are Hubli and Belgaum, while Dharwad is the nearest railway station. Saundatti is connected to all places by KSRTC buses.

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