‘Sandalwood Was Shutting Down, Guess Who Saved It’: Marathi Filmmaker

A popular actor-filmmaker from Marathi cinema feels that they should do what Kannda Film Industry’s Yash did. He claims that it is because of KGF Franchise the whole world sees the Sandalwood industry in a different way.

KGF reference in Marathi cinema event

On September 14, a grand event was held at a five-star hotel in Mumbai where some of the most notable celebrities of Marathi cinema were present. The event was organized by Paritosh Painter’s Kaleidoscope Cinema & Picture Productions and Rajesh Kumar Mohanty’s S R Enterprises and these two banners launched as many as 7 Marathi films on this occasion. While several star personalities gave memorable speeches, the one given by Mahesh Manjrekar stood out.


The reputed actor-filmmaker while praising the Marathi cinema, mentioned the Kannada Film industry and said, “We have to shout from the rooftops that Marathi cinema is great. The press is here and I want to say this. Some years back, the condition of the Kannada film industry was such that it seemed like it would shut down anytime. But there was one person who believed in making a film and spending a lot of money on it. That person made a film named KGF and it created history. What makes me happy is that they didn’t make both parts of KGF in Hindi. They shot the film in Kannada, dubbed it in Hindi aur fir audience ke sir ke upar feka! (They dubbed the Kannada film in Hindi and threw it to the audience)”

Mahesh Manjrekar added, “I envy these guys. I would have loved to do something like this. It is superb.”

Content is King

He also believes that there are also tremendous talents in their state who can do what the Kannda industry did. He said, “There’s no shortage of talent when it comes to Marathi cinema. Then what is it that we are lacking? We also need people who believe in our vision. It’s crucial that we make big-scale films, that too with conviction and confidence.”


Mahesh Manjrekar further said, “When it comes to content, our cinema is on the top. In today’s times, only Marathi and Malayalam cinema is providing powerful content films. Somebody has to believe in us and spend money, like the way KGF producers did. I mean, come on, KGF – Chapter 2 collected Rs. 1000 crores! Can you imagine?”

KGF – Chapter 1, starring Yash, was released in 2018 in Hindi with limited promotion. Yet, it managed to excel and collect Rs. 44.09 crores in the Hindi Belt. The film then became a massive hit on television and the OTT platforms. Hence, when KGF – Chapter 2 was released earlier this year, it took a record opening of Rs. 53.95 crores in the Hindi belt. Its lifetime business was Rs. 434.70 crores. It was also a big success in original Kannada and other dubbed languages.