7 Sandalwood Debutant Directors of 2018 Who Looked Promising In The Year

Sandalwood Debutant Directors

A movie director is aptly considered to be the captain of the ship who brings in small concept and make a big movie. Every year, the Sandalwood industry welcomes aspiring directors who are willing to experiment with novel concepts and ideas. While some directors succeed in wooing the audience, the others have somewhat tougher luck. MetroSaga brings to you the debutant directors of the Sandalwood Industry from 2018.

Mahesh Gowda – Ayogya

‘Ayogya’ was one of the blockbuster movies of 2018. Mahesh Gowda started his career as an assistant director under the guidance of director Yogaraj Bhat. He demonstrated his expertise and experience by successfully pulling off a great movie for the audience, which ran successfully for over 100 days.

Sandalwood Debutant Directors

Guru Dutt Ganiga – Ambi Ninge Vahisaitho

Guru Dutt Ganiga started his career with the movie ‘Ambi Ninge Vahisaitho’ which had great stars like Ambareesh, Sudeep and Suhasini. The movie was well received by the audience but did not do as well as expected. ‘Ambi Ninge Vahisaitho’ was re-released after the recent demise of Ambareesh.

Sandalwood Debutant Directors

Senna Hegde – Katheyondu Shuruvagide

Senna Hegde turned director for the movie ‘Kateyondu Shuruvagide’ which reportedly boasted of a great story. The movie which starred Diganth went on to get positive reviews from the audience however didn’t click in the box-office.

Sandalwood Debutant Directors

Janardhan Chikkanna – Gultoo

Janardhan Chikkanna directed the movie ‘Gultoo’. The movie received a lot of positive attention from the audience for its riveting storyline. This directorial starred debutant actors and was received well by the audience, completing 100 days in the theatres. Chikkanna had based the story on technology to entertain the audiences.

Sandalwood Debutant Directors

Vijay Raghavendra – Kismat

Having made his acting prowess well known, Vijay Raghavendra made his entry into movie direction. The film ‘Kismat’ was one of Vijay’s dream projects and received mixed reviews from both the audience and the critics alike.

Sandalwood Debutant Directors

Rishika Sharma – Trunk

With the movie ‘Trunk’, Sandalwood welcomed another female director into the industry. Rishika Sharma is the granddaughter of famous Kannada film director GV Iyer. Rishika started her career with a horror movie. Though the movie had a good concept, it was not well received by the audience.

Sandalwood Debutant Directors

Arjun Kumar S – Sankashta Kara Ganapathi

Arjun Kumar made a romantic movie based on the concept of ‘Alien Syndrome’. Having previously worked as an assistant director in many television shows, Arjun put his experience to use with his film ‘Sankashta Kara Ganapathi’.

Sandalwood Debutant Directors

We hope to see these directors rise to great heights, and also to see fresh ideas in the movies to come. Have a great movie time, till then!

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