Sandalwood Actor Darshan Lands In Trouble For His Alleged Threat Call To A Producer

A complaint has been lodged against Kannada superstar Darshan concerning threatening a film producer. A complaint has been lodged in Kengeri police in Bengaluru.

Complaint against Darshan

A Kannada film producer has filed a complaint against actor Darshan aka D-Boss and another movie star, accusing them of threatening him. According to The New Indian Express, the producer, Bharath Vishnukanth, has alleged that he had started a movie casting Dhruvan, but had to stop the project due to a financial crisis.


When Bharat was informing Dhruvan about halting the film’s shooting over the telephone, the latter added Darshan on call. During the telephonic conversation, Darshan allegedly threatened the producer. After this, the alleged audio recording has gone viral. Darshan is allegedly heard saying wherever Bharat goes, he will not be spared.

Darshan further allegedly tells the producer that he should have thought about everything before beginning a movie, as Dhruvan’s career is at stake. The producer in the audio is heard saying that he would start making the movie after the lockdown.

Police statement

The police have recorded the statement of ‘Sri Krishna Paramatma’ director Anthony in this connection. Additional Commissioner of Police (West) Sandeep Patil told Indian Express that an NCR had been registered and the complainant has stated that the audio is almost a year old. When asked if notice would be served on Darshan, the officer stated that all required processes would be followed as part of the investigation.


Bharath claims that he gave a complaint fearing for his safety and that of his family. Dhruwan, earlier known as Suraj Kumar, is the son of producer SA Srinivas, who, in turn, is the brother of the late Parvathamma Rajkumar.

Meanwhile, he also claims that he has more proof to confirm that he was threatened by Darshan and Dhruvan. “Since it is an audio clip, it could be claimed that it has been tampered with by somebody mimicking Darshan’s voice. I also have video proof in which Darshan and Dhruvan, along with a reputed director and a producer are present. The video was recorded on the film set of the movie ‘Kranthi’ in which Darshan is the hero. The video was recorded when I was called to meet them to give away the movie rights to them as a settlement. No settlement has been reached so far. I am following my advocate’s instructions. If the matter escalates, the same video proof would be submitted to the court,” he said.

Here’s the audio: