Samantha Blames Karan For Her Broken Marriage, Says Life Is KGF For Her

The third episode of the seventh season of Koffee With Karan was released recently. Samantha Ruth Prabhu, who appeared as a guest, is seen pulling Karan Johar’s leg when she was asked about marriage.

Samantha’s story

Samantha Ruth Prabhu accompanied Akshay Kumar on the third episode of Koffee With Karan 7. The South Indian actress opened up about her separation from Naga Chaitanya on Karan Johar’s chat show. The actor also admitted that she and Naga do have hard feelings toward each other ever since they parted ways.


Meanwhile, KJo, while speaking to Samantha on her divorce, mentioned, “In your case, I think you were the first when you and your husband decided to part ways.” Samantha corrected the host saying, “Ex-husband.” Karan then said, “Sorry ex-husband.

Samantha’s life was like KGF?

Continuing the question, Karan asks, “When you and your ex-husband part ways. Did you feel a lot of trolling was a result of you putting yourself out there?” Samantha responded and said, “Yes, I can’t complain about it because I chose that path to be transparent and when the separation happened I couldn’t be too upset about it because they invested in my life. I didn’t had answers at that time.”

As Karan and Samantha appear to be having an interesting chat about marriage life, Samantha is heard telling Karan: “You are the reason behind unhappy marriages.” “You have portrayed life as ‘K3G- Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham’, whereas in fact, life is ‘KGF,'” Samantha says.


Samantha made this comment in all funniness, but it can be comprehended that she went through a lot during her marriage life. The fact that she has come out of the trouble and taken the world head-on is quite admirable.

Mentioning KGF, Samantha when asked whose voice she would prefer on her GPS, the actress said it was ‘Yash’. She mentioned how powerful his voice is.