Salt World, The Only Salt Therapy Center in Bengaluru For Skin And Respiratory Problems

salt world

Salt World in Bengaluru offers drugless and natural Halotherapy for relieving symptoms related to skin and respiratory conditions. The process called Halotherapy improves endurance and immunity and is carried out under simulated conditions of a natural salt cave.

Founded by Ms. Deepthi, the Wellness Center aims to revolutionize the drugless therapy space in the country with its holistic treatment.


Salt World Helping To Heal And Live Better Life

The Salt World in Bengaluru is one of the 5 salt therapy centers in India which helps its clients to heal their respiratory issues and other ailments. During the therapy, the patient taking the treatment inhales the dry microscopic salt particles. These particles reach the deepest area of the respiratory tract and cleanse lungs from smoke residues, pathogens, and pollutants. The therapy is particularly helpful in improving the immunity level in children.

The aim of Ms. Deepthi behind starting this venture in Bengaluru is to introduce a platform in the health care sector that makes a positive impact on the people without causing any adverse effects on their health. Salt therapy is highly popular in the world. Prior to opening up Salt World, Ms. Deepthi carried out intense research and realized that the halotherapy can offer wide benefits to Indians.

She sensed it as a great business opportunity that can flourish in India where people do not have much knowledge about it. That is why she started Salt Therapy sessions through Salt World in the country. Ms. Deepthi is also a member of Salt Therapy Association, USA and monitors all the operations at the wellness centers closely to understand challenges in business.


Salt World Aiming For Drugless Environment

Salt World aims to encourage treatment in a drugless environment and uses sophisticated Halogenarator from the UK to carry out the therapy. The sessions take place in salt rooms having a natural salt cave environment. The center uses its state-of-the-art technology for providing maximum comfort to their clients.

During the therapy, dry salt aerosol particles having a size of fewer than 5 microns are dispersed in a dynamic and controlled room using Halogenarator. The walls of these rooms have a coating of 5 tons of salt provides a completely sterile environment so that the microclimate is specifically reproduced in the sterile salt cave.

The center uses special boosters and ventilators for exhausting the salt particles just outside the salt room after the end of every session. The duration of the treatment is around one and a half hour.


The atmosphere inside the salt room is relaxing where you can read, listen to music, breathe and unwind. While you are having such a chilled out time, the salt therapy keeps on working on your ailments to give you relief.   

Separate Room For Children        

Children have a fluctuating temperament and hence Salt World has a separate salt session room for the kids. The room has almost everything that children love including games, books, toys, puzzles, and television. All these modes of entertainment and recreation keep them busy while the salt therapy does its work.

salt world

Salt World is open to new business ideas and opportunities and can offer a complete package or an option of opening a salt room in any premises like spa, yoga center, resort, hotel, apartment, clinic, private home, hospital, shopping mall, school, massage center, pre-school, etc.


Salt therapy is extremely helpful in healing people suffering from Bronchiectasis, Asthma, COPD, Allergies, Cystic Fibrosis, Sinusitis, Eczema, and Cough. 

Salt World through its therapy has helped people to breath better, improve physical fitness, get healthier skin and sounder sleep, improve immunity and endurance and increase their overall wellness and lung capacity.  

For more information, contact Soumya Patil on 9591574699