Salman Khan Launches His Own Branded Face-Masks; Twitter Trolls Him Brutally

One of the Bollywood biggies who were criticized the most after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death is Salman Khan. The Bollywood Megastar is said to be the face of favoritism in the industry, and hence, the hate.

Sallu launches own face-mask brand

Yesterday, Salman Khan launched his face-mask brand from Being Human. The actor also posted regarding the move on his social-media handles. Salman also posed for a picture in the new product. 


While this post might have been flooded with excessive positive comments in the past, the case was otherwise this time around. Salman Khan was trolled brutally for a variety of topics on Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter trolls the actor brutally

Firstly, Salman Khan was criticized for using face masks as a medium to propagate his brand. Face-masks are a necessity now, and a few users on the net were not happy that Sallu was utilizing this gap to his effect. While this was one section in Salman’s comment box, the other and the majority section trolled the actor for his alleged connection to Sushant’s case. Many felt that this was not the right time for Salman to do something new and happy. Well, the arguments are for another day, and we can only gauge the public-mood based on their comments on social media.