This Extremely Crowded Sai Skanda Dosey Camp in Bengaluru Serves Super-Good Bath Masala & Thatte Idli

om sai skanda dosa camp

The Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Cambridge Layout makes this vicinity extremely crowded every Thursday. However, there is another reason why you could see a lot of people gathered on this road. That is because of the Om Sai Skanda Dosey Camp.

Located in Ulsoor near the famous Sai Baba Temple, this eatery is a perfect getaway on a lazy weekend morning. However, it also serves as a heavenly option if you eat your breakfast outside every day. Open from 7 am to 1 pm every day, this joint would then resume its service at 4:30 pm until 10 in the night.

A Must-Visit for the Dosey Fans

Om Sai Skanda Camp does boast of a unique and authentic menu card. Although the regulars like the Thatte Idlis (Rs 15 per piece), Onion Dosa (Rs 60), Masala Dosa (Rs 60) and Set Dosa (Rs 30) does populate the menu card, a few interesting and ‘never-before-heard’ dishes such as Flat Masala Dosa (Rs 80), Bath Masala Dosa (Rs 50) and Shavige Bath Masala Dosa (Rs 30) makes this hotel extremely exciting to visit.

om sai skanda dosa camp

A Live Dosey Counter

Although expanded a few years ago, Om Sai Skanda Camp is still a tiny eatery considering the never-ending crowds that it has to host throughout the day. There is no seating arrangement and it is likely that you might have to enjoy the dishes on the nearby footpath. Of course, takeaways are available but it is a memorable experience to watch your own dosa get prepared in a breezy atmosphere with a good covering of green above you.


The authenticity and uniqueness of the dishes form the USP of this joint. To begin with, the Thatte Idlis are fluffy, piping hot and a single piece would definitely fill your stomachs. Partner it with vada and you wouldn’t feel hungry for the next couple of hours. However, it is the Dosas which you just cannot avoid here. The Masala Dosa is famous with a number of versions of this dish on offer.

The Bath Masala Dosa and the Shavige Bath Masala Dosa offers you a filling of Rice Bath and Shavige bath inside your Dosas respectively. Not to forget, the Chutney Trio – Coconut, Mint, and Tomato gives you a different experience to your taste buds and will elevate the lip-smacking nature of the Dosas. Although your Filter Coffee/ Tea to wash down the Dosas are not available here, the Kesari Bath is good enough to get your sweet tooth satisfied when you leave the restaurant.

om sai skanda dosa camp

It is found that a majority of the dishes would exist within a few hours of the opening of the restaurant. Hence, if you are planning to visit this joint in the near future, please plan your visit accordingly.

Open: 7 AM – 1:30 PM and 4:30 PM – 10 PM

Where: Ulsoor, 114, Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir Rd, Airports Authority of India Colony, Someshvarapura Layout, Jogupalya, Bengaluru.




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