Sachin Tendulkar Compares His Ride In ‘Driverless Car’ To Mr.India; Triggers Classic Reply From Anil Kapoor

sachin tendulkar driverless car

Legendary cricketer of India, Sachin Tendulkar recently shared the thrill he experienced while riding his first driverless car and the way it parked itself on its own. The former right-hand batsman said that it seemed that Mr. India, a popular character played by Mr.India from the film by the same name has taken the control of the vehicle.

Thrilling Experience To See Car Park Itself In Garage

On his official Twitter account, Tendulkar shared this experience through a video in detail. The Tweet reads, “Thrilling experience to witness my car park itself in my garage. It felt like Mr. India (@AnilKapoor) had taken control! I’m sure the rest of the weekend will be as exciting with my friends.”


Tendulkar guides the viewers about how the car in BMW 5 series starts operating itself even in the absence of a driver. He says in the video, “I hope I am not sitting next to Mr. India.” The video reveals how amazed and excited the star cricketer was after watching the car park itself. 

Immediately within an hour came the reply from the seasoned lead actor of the movie. Check it out and more tweets.


Fans are already aware of Tendulkar’s love for the car who has various high-end models of  BMW.