Saadik Layout: ASHA Worker Abused By Locals During COVID-19 Duty in Bengaluru

sadik layout asha worker

In the latest news coming in from the Karnataka Capital, a group of people has been reported misbehaving with the Asha workers who visited the place to survey the COVID-19 outbreak. The action was triggered by an announcement from the mosque nearby.

The ASHA workers are surveying almost all households in the city and creating a database of people having mild or moderate or severe symptoms of coronavirus. In the Saadik Layout of Bengaluru city, while the workers reached there as a part of their daily job, their bags and mobiles were snatched and were bullied by a crowd.


Reportedly, the crowd was triggered by an announcement from the mosque that directed the residents to not co-operate with the workers and asked them not to provide details too.

ASHA workers
Courtesy: Madhyamam English

The ASHA worker came on television putting her side of the story. There were also visuals of ASHA workers breaking down on the streets. According to the worker, the mob snatched all her belongings and harassed her. While she claims what she was doing was to ensure their health, she was deeply saddened by the behavior towards her. She told that a complaint has been filed at the nearest police station.

Attacks on Doctors Increases

For a week, there has been a growing sense of stigma and hate towards the healthcare workers who are relentlessly working at a crisis like this. Despite the Prime Minister’s appeal for Janata curfew and appreciation of medical workers, there have been incidents around the country that have only disheartened the medical fraternity.

The central government approved an insurance cover of 50 lakh for every medical professional working for the country in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Simultaneously, Arvind Kejriwal called the doctors as no less than a soldier and announced 1 Crore rupee for the family of any doctor who loses his life fighting the pandemic.


As India enters its 5th week of the outbreak, over 2,000 cases have been witnessed with over 400 coming in on a single day. While 171 have been successfully recovered, there have been 57 fatalities. India has also entered the second week of the 3-week lockdown announced by the Prime Minister on the 24th of March.