BMRCL May Shut Down RV Road Metro Station. Here’s Everything You Need To Know

RV Road Metro Station

The Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) may have to shut down the RV Road Metro Station to ensure uninterrupted construction of Yellow Line. The work is expected to start on RV Road Station for facilitating the movement of the Yellow Line. It will pass through the metro station and hence BMRCL may think of shutting the RV Road Station along the Green Line (Nagasandra-Yelachenahalli).

BMRCL Still Thinking On It

The corporation is yet to make a confirmed decision on it and is still thinking. A BMRCL official said, “The metro station cannot operate properly if work on the interchange is being carried out. We are still thinking about whether it has to be shut down.”


The BMRCL intends to demolish half of the current RV Road Metro Station so that it can lay down another track between RV Road and Bommasandra. More than 5,000 passengers use the RV Road Metro Station every day which first started off in June 2017.   

In the case BMRCL shuts down RV Road Station, the commuters will have no option but to board the metro at Banashankari or Jayanagar stations. The BMRCL official said, “The metro will ply from Yelachenahalli to Banashankari and Jayanagar to Nagasandra. So, commuters going to Yelachenahalli will have to board the metro at Banashankari and those going towards Nagasandra will have to board the metro at Jayanagar.”

According to reports, BMRCL intended to construct a new RV Road station along the Yellow Line initially. However, now it has changed the decision and is planning to merge it into an interchange station for both Yellow and Green lines.


Interchange Metro Station To Save Cost & Lots Of Trees

The new metro line leading to Electronic City will start from RV Road Station on the Green line while running parallel to Green Line viaduct near the Lakshman Rao Park. Prior to this decision, the BMRCL was initially planning to construct the Phase 2 viaduct over the Marenahalli Road Circle.

According to the BMRCL official, “Lots of trees will be cut in Lakshman Rao Park and to avoid this and also save costs on land acquisition if RV Road station becomes the interchange metro station. We have to see if it would be feasible to close the metro station completely. We will hold a public consultation before making a decision.”