Russia Offered Money To Taliban To Kill US Soldiers In Afghanistan: Intelligence Report

As per a report in the Reuters, the United States Intelligence has found out that the Russian military has offered bounties to Taliban militants in Afghanistan to wash out the American troops and its coalition forces.

The New York Times too reported this quoting the Reuters. As per that report, the Russian military intelligence unit has been involved in multiple assassination attempts in Europe. The same unit is now accused of placing bounties for successful attacks in 2019. The report further revealed that the Islamic militants and other forces in the soil have already received certain funds from the Russian unit as bounty.


The Russian Foreign Ministry was quick to react to the report as they rubbished the claims in the report. In a statement put out by the ministry reads,

“This primitive informational dump clearly demonstrates low intellectual abilities of the propagandists at the American Intelligence service.”

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Courtesy: Dawn

However, strangely, the White House, the Central Investigation Agency, and the Director of the Intelligence department have not yet commented on the issue. The New York Times report also claims that President Donald Trump has been briefed about the report and no action has yet been initiated against Russia.

The US Looking To Pull Out From Afghanistan

The United States of America entered Afghanistan in 2001 following the bombing of the Twin Towers and engaged in a fierce battle with the Taliban. Now, the United States is looking to find a way to pull out of the country as soon as possible. In order to do that, the country is trying hard to bring peace between the Afghan Government and the militants.


On February 9, the militants and the Afghan Government had reached a deal that significant troops of the United States moving out of the country. However, the militants have refused to accept the treaty completely as they demand the resignation of the current government and the release of their militants.

The strength of the United States troops in Afghanistan is currently at 8600 which is way ahead of the schedule proposed. It is partially due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, said the United States and the NATO officials.


Source: India Times